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I would like your firm to apply for an ITIN for myself or my family. How do I proceed?

a. Download latest version of Form W7. The form can be obtained by visiting the following internet link http://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/fw7.pdf

b. Complete form W7 to the best of your ability. Please be sure that the data you enter is as accurate as possible. The form can be completed by hand or it can be typed.

c. Complete personal information form. Click here for PDF of form.

d. Payment - please include a cheque or complete the credit card information on the personal information form to cover the fees of the ITIN application. Please make your cheque out to Gary Booth CA Prof. Corp. Post-dated cheques are not acceptable.

e. Once all of your documentation has been gathered - please courier the following at our address:
- Completed Form W7
- Completed Personal Information Form
- Payment information

- ORIGINAL Passport OR ORIGINAL Foreign birth record and one of the following (in ORIGINAL), which must bear a photograph, and has not expired:
· Drivers license
· Identity Card
· Voters Registration Card
· School records
· Medical Records
· Marriage record
· Military registration card; and Copy of the US Tax return (if applicable) or documents to be sent along with the application

- Copy of the US tax return or the supporting authenticated documentation which states why you need an ITIN number, to be sent along.

All original documents will be couriered back to you within a day. Alternatively, you may want to visit our office with these documents.

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Gary Booth CA Professional Corp.
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Toronto, ON,
M9C 2Y3
Tel: 416-626-2727
Fax: 416-621-7136
E-mail: itin@garybooth.com

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How it works | Copy of the US tax return or the supporting authenticated documentation which states why you need an ITIN number, to be sent along.
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